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“My name is Jacques Delacroix. I am a retired professor of Management. I live in Santa Cruz, California with my wife, Krishna Delacroix who is an artist. Recently, we went to John D. Laughton, A Professional Law Corporation in Monterey, California for help to deal with the complex and forbidding business of making end-of-life legal preparations. We dealt entirely with Brandie Luis Esq. ,and with the pleasant office staff person (whose name escapes me right now because, well, I am writing a will am I not?)

Ms. Luis deployed incomparable patience and perseverance in dealing with our passivity (and perhaps, with our unconscious resistance). She guided us skillfully through the meanders of legal dispositions we did not even suspected to exist. As a result of her quiet efforts, my wife and I now think that we have done all the right things with respect to our offspring and with respect to the world at large. We believe that thanks to Ms Luis, our passing will not trouble much the peace of those we leave behind. We even think we will leave behind us a slight wake of benevolence. Those are satisfying and probably rare feelings.

Ms Luis ‘ disposition is so conscientious and so kind that once, she ever made a house call to us! (I hasten to add that this may not be a service the firm offer routinely and to all is customers. We may well have received favored treatment, on his occasion though I am sure we did nothing to deserve it.)

Obviously neither I nor my wife have any previous experience with this kind of endeavor. However, we suspect we stand more on the side of clients from Hell than on the side of angelic clients. Ms. Luis never lost her cool with us and she continued to direct us with a firm but friendly hand until the task was completed. If loving lawyers were not a human impossibility, we would say we have come to love Ms Luis!We could not recommend her personally and the John D. Laughton firm more highly.” Jacques Delacroix, April 2016

“Brandie Luis was able to help our family through some difficult legal challenges we had recovering funds that other firms had told us couldn’t be done without going through a long and expensive legal process. She was able to assess the situation quickly and worked with the State and the banking institutions on our behalf to resolve the issues we encountered all to a successful outcome. Brandie was always prompt with her communications and updated us frequently through the whole process. I especially appreciated her support and concern for us, we really felt that our situation was as important to her as it was to us, this is a rare commodity that you don’t find very much these days. I would highly recommend Brandie Luis to anyone looking for a Lawyer in her area of expertise.” Scott R., May 2015

“Thank you, John, for your thoughtful understanding, and guidance in writing my Pet Trust! After attending your seminar at Peace of Mind Dog Rescue (POMDR), I realized that I had finally found someone who knew the direction I wanted to take regarding the love of my three dogs. You understood my needs, and I was left with no concerns or worries! I feel so blessed, that I was in the right place…at the right time (your seminar) to hear you speak. You are a professional person…. who works from your heart….because you see others’ hearts. Thank you, from the bottom of MY heart!” Lisa Milligan, December 2014

These are Lisa Milligan's three beloved girls.

These are Lisa Milligan’s three beloved girls.

“Thank you so very much for being so wonderful and helping me through at all. It was reassuring to feel I could trust you and your help. Your advise was always good, and your people are great! Having all your help relieved so much stress off my already overburdened shoulders.” Jill E., April 7, 2014

“I hired John to help me qualify my husband for Medi-Cal benefits. I would never have been able to do it myself in the time we had to do it. He is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend his service. Thank you.” Anna Palmer, December 2013

“My husband and I hired John to help us qualify my mother for Medi-Cal benefits. He was extremely knowledgeable, direct and detail oriented. He was also excellent in explaining what he was doing for my mother. We followed his directions to the letter and succeeded in our goal. Thank you John!” Christine A., November 30, 2011

“John Laughton is an expert attorney in Estate Planning who continuously updates himself on his specialty. A consummate professional, John is personable, thorough and accessible. His follow-up is excellent!” Wendy LaRiviere, August 17, 2011

“John is an outstanding attorney. Our family and business have trusted John and his staff for the opening our business, wills, trusts, real estate transactions, and the sale of our business. John has an extensive knowledge of the law and is an outstanding person. In all matters of the law you will not find better man than John.” Frank Van Ostrand, July 18, 2011

“John is a consummate professional whom I have relied on time and again over the years. He has helped me in a variety of business issues and particularly in business issues that have personal components (partner agreements, etc). He knows his way through the minefields and navigates the legal landscape with grace. I know that I can breath easy when John is watching my back.” Ralph Widmar, July 11, 2011

“John did a superb job reviewing and updating our family trust and related documents. He clearly demonstrated a deep and detailed knowledge of estate planning. I am now comfortable that my family’s estate plan is up to date, complete, and properly done. I recommend John highly as an estate planning lawyer.” Philip Daunt, July 8, 2011

“John is an expert in estate law and did an outstanding job setting up our trust. He is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend his services to anyone needing legal counsel.” Kate Daniel, July 8, 2011

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