Financial Planning Assistance

Helping families preserve their wealth and achieve long-term financial goals has always been a core part of our law firms philosophy. We understand that estate and financial planning must be well-coordinated to ensure long-term success.

If you have a relationship with financial or investment professionals, with your permission our firm will work with them to:

  • Keep them informed on your estate planning, so that they help accomplish your goals.
  • Communicate changes in your financial affairs that may affect your estate planning.
  • Review and adjust the beneficiary designations of yourIRAs and retirement plansto be sure you are taking advantage of the recent law changes and protect the tax-deferral potential of those assets for your heirs.
  • Make sure your assets are properly titled in your living trust or payable to your trustees.
  • Analyze the impact of any new tax law changes to see if your estate planning documents need to be updated.

For those clients who do not have comfortable relationships with advisors, we offer FREE investment and financial plan reviews through strategic alliances with local experts in investments, financial planning, life insurance and long term care insurance. During these complimentary reviews these experts will cover all the financial issues on your mind, including a complimentary investment portfolio review and risk assessment.

Setting up or updating your estate plan is an excellent opportunity to coordinate your financial planning goals with your estate plan. Contact us today to schedule your free estate and financial plan review.


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